The Vision

We carefully seek out and select the highest quality grapes in Australia and produce an innovative and powerful wine that embraces all the greatest secrets of ‘Old World’ winemaking with intoxicating Australian personality.


No Compromises

Songlines fruit comes from the 40 to 110 year old, flawless Shiraz vineyards in the McLaren Vale, one of the oldest and best established of the wine growing regions of South Australia.

These vines have in the past provided grapes for some of Australia‘s most famous wines, including Penfolds Grange. However, the uncompromising selection of individual vineyards means this is the first time their grapes have been assembled as a single wine.

McLaren Vale’s unique Mediterranean climate cooled by the Southern Ocean, combined with the areas huge diversity of quality viticultural soils, altitudes and aspects nurtures Shiraz grapes with amazing depth of intensity and purity of fruit.

The quality of the fruit is also a direct reflection of the pride and experience of several dedicated vignerons. All the vineyards have low yields and are hand pruned and picked. Fruit is carefully selected for picking in stages, with pickers carefully choosing rows, part rows and even vines by vine to ensure optimum harvest time for all fruit.

It was the Songlines team respect for these vignerons and their sites that led them to believe McLaren Vale Shiraz can rival any in the world.


Behind The Name

‘Songlines’ are invisible pathways which criss-cross the land all over Australia and also stretch across continents and ages. These ancient tracks, made of song, described the creation of the Earth and act as a map for those who walk upon it. Wherever men have walked, they have left a songline.

Songlines was taken as the name for this exceptional wine as the concept perfectly encapsulating the importance of the land, the passionate men who work with it and the knowledge gathered over time in both the Old and New wine worlds.