Vineyard Locations

The close relationship between Winemaker and Vineyard owners means that only the very best goes into making these wines.

McLaren Vale

McLaren Vale’s unique location, with a warm Mediterranean climate cooled by the Southern Ocean, is the foundation for Songlines Shiraz. Combine this with the area is diversity of quality viticultural soils, altitudes and aspects, and you have Shiraz fruit with amazing depth of intensity and purity of fruit.

The quality of the fruit is also a direct reflection of the pride and experience in producing premium grapes of several dedicated McLaren Vale vignerons. It was the Songlines team respect for these vignerons and their sites that led them to believe that McLaren Vale Shiraz can rival that of any of the top wines produced anywhere in the world.

The Winemaker’s intimate knowledge of the growers and their vineyards is essential and he visits at least once a month during the year and every week during vintage. Careful organisation during harvest allows them to pick not vineyards but rows or even vine by vine to ensure optimum harvest time for all fruit.

Eden Valley

Our Bylines Riesling is sourced from Eden Valley, one of Australia’s premier cool climate wine regions. Eden Valley is characterised by its rugged beauty and varied topography, with vineyards scattered across rolling hills, sharing the terrain with grazing land, rocky outcrops and ancient gums.

Defined by the cool climate, ancient soils and later ripening, Eden Valley wines are distinctive in their character, displaying wonderful aromatics, elegance, complexity and finesse. Most famous for its Riesling, Eden Valley also produces world class Shiraz and a range of traditional and alternative varieties. This is cool climate Barossa with a wine making history dating back to 1847; Eden Valley is home to some of the world’s oldest Shiraz and Riesling vineyards.

Adelaide Hills

The Adelaide Hills region is regarded as one of Australia’s most pre-eminent areas for growing Sauvignon Blanc. Less than 30km from the centre of Adelaide, this region with its gently undulating hills and cool climate is filled with narrow, twisting roads, wild forests and deep gullies that hide some of the country’s best vineyards.

Due to its altitude, the Adelaide Hills experience higher rainfall and cooler ripening conditions than other South Australian regions, which is ideal for key grape varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc.

Margaret River

Margaret River is renowned for making some of the country’s best Chardonnay; it is a wine region of superior growing conditions with a Mediterranean style climate. This means vineyards are not affected by extreme summer and winter temperatures. Humidity levels are ideal during the growing period and the combination of climate, soil and viticulture practices leads to consistently high quality fruit of intense flavour. Consequently annual vintage results continue to exceed expectations and reinforce its reputation of one of the premium wine producing regions of the world.


Tasmania is an island state, part of the Commonwealth of Australia, located 240 kilometers to the south of the Australian continent, separated by Bass Strait.

Tasmania’s naturally elegant wines are made from grapes grown in climates similar to those of the famous European wines - with mild summers and long autumn days that ripen the grapes providing elegance and intensity of flavour. This unique island state now produces elegant cool climate wines such as Pinot Noir, which has steadily grown in popularity in Australia as consumers search for an alternative to fuller reds made from Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.